Eparchial Tribunal


The Eparchial Tribunal is a department of eparchial administration established in Canon Law through which the eparchial bishop exercises his judicial authority.  Staff members include a Judicial Vicar, who must hold a license (J.C.L.) or doctorate (J.C.D.) in Canon Law, and who is responsible for the overall proper and competent functioning of the Tribunal and its personnel.  In addition to the Judicial Vicar, other officials and staff canonically associated with the Tribunal are typically one or more Judges, a Promoter of Justice, a Defender of the Bond, Advocates, Assessors, Procurators, Auditors, and Notaries.

This staff, working together on matters requiring application of Church law, provides a full range of ecclesiastical legal services for the bishop, his clergy, and the lay Faithful of the Eparchy.  Among others, these services include adjudication of marital annulment petitions, other contentious matters, requests for transfer of autonomous Church, permissions and dispensations in various instances, parish and eparchial administrative guidance, and consultation on any other matters which may necessitate compliance with canonical requirements.


Judicial Vicar:
Rev. Msgr. Kevin McAuliffe, J.C.L.

Rev. Msgr. Kevin McAuliffe, J.C.L.

Promoter of Justice:
Mr. Eduardo Huerta, J.C.L.

Defender of the Bond:
Mr. Eduardo Huerta, J.C.L.



Advocates:                                Mr. Eduardo Huerta, J.C.L.
Deacon John Montalvo III
Subdeacon Paul F. Kilroy              Ms. Maria T. Blanc

Very Rev. Diodoro Mendoza
Ms. Maria T. Blanc

Consulting Psychologist:    Anne Vargas-Leveriza, Ph.D.  


Office of the Tribunal Eparchy of Phoenix  8131 North 16th Street Phoenix, AZ 85020

Tel.  602.861.9778    

email:  tribunal@ephx.org