Myrrh Bearers Retreat

2021 Myrrh Bearers Retreat

Be Not Afraid

  Saturday June 26, 2021
8:30am-12:30pm PDT (9:30-1:30pm MDT)

Join the women, teens and girls of our Eparchy for our retreat.
We will be meeting virtually via Zoom this
Before you say “ugh,” because we all know it’s not the same as meeting with each other in person, this venue is a blessing of a different kind. Make some time to “set aside all earthly cares.” Give your ears some exercise and your mind, heart, and soul refreshment.
Please join us for an enriching experience. Cost is minimal, the renewal is priceless!
There will be three tracks, each 45 minutes in length.
Three groups (rooms) will be available for appropriate age levels for all three tracks

Prayer Life and Vocations

Mother Gabriella
& Sister Natalia

Icon Writing

Sioḃhan Sullivan


Lynne Wardach

Byzantine Theology of the Body

Rev. Thomas Loya